Harmony Martial Arts Center Reviews

Master Jim and Master Alex have been amazing in helping me navigate the worlds of Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu. I have never done any sort of martial arts training and they make it so easy to learn the basics. I definitely recommend Harmony to anyone looking to get started on or continue their training

Chris C.

Both my daughters have achieved black belts in taekwondo, skilled in Krav Maga and my oldest excels in jiujitsu. They have the skills to defend themselves and others in the face of adversity. My wife is proficient in Krav and trains jiujitsu as do I. After years of experience at this studio I can recommend it with the highest confidence.

Chris S.

(From Evalyn)
I’m Evalyn and I moved from Jupiter to Parkland. I miss Harmony Martial Arts center so much. 
Harmony Martial Arts Center is the best taekwando school that I’ve been to! I recommend this place to anyone who loves martial arts. Master Campbell,
Master Alex and Ms. Jill are some of the very impressive staff at Harmony Martial Arts Center.
There are not so many students in one class so it will be easy for the masters to help you if you don’t get something. The staff are very welcoming, caring and kind. I also love this place because the Masters really care.

Anna T.

I own a large martial arts school in Jaconsoville Florida. I made the connection with the harmony instructors through the path of bettering my instructing skills and I stopped in to train with them on a road trip to Miami and it was such a welcoming and friendly environment. Anyone who gets the opportunity ertunity to train here is very fortunate. John, Jim, Alex, and Jill are amazing. I look forward to visiting again!

Nick T.

Where there's always someone who will make you want to be a better you. And will help you get there.

Alejandra L.

My son has learned so much from Master Campbell and his team.  He has matured physically and emotionally.  Thank you!

Josh B.

Harmony Martial Arts Center has been amazing. My thirteen year old daughter has learned countless lessons beyond self deference while studying Krav Maga at Harmony, including but not limited to, self confidence, discipline, and perseverance. I would highly recommend the friendly, professional instruction that Harmony provides kids and adults alike.

Derek D.

We could not have chosen a better martial arts school for our children. 
Master Campbell, Master Alex and Miss Jill are truly the best!

Kathy D.

I’ve been going to Harmony for 4 months now and I’m hooked! Its active and very stimulating I’ve joined gyms and would stop going after 1 month bc I would get bored and none of the classes kept my attention. What I love about Krav Maga is that it gets me in shape, stimulates my mind and I walk away with tools that could save mine and others lives. The instructors are the BEST!!!!

Giovanni M.

Our family loves Harmony. Excellent staff and top of the line training for us all!

Alli M.

I joined the New Year Krav Maga 6 Week Fitness Challenge with a friend & it has been amazing! I love seeing the results & making new friends; what a gem. ❤

Jessica P.

One of the most professional settings that I studied at. Will continue for years to come!

George V.

This program changed the trajectory of our son's physical capabilities. When he started he was unbalanced and awkward. A few years later he emerged athletic and coordinated, with a high degree of natural competency across the sports spectrum. 

We credit Harmony Martial Arts for this transformation, because it was his sole sport during those years -- until the very end when he blossomed into other arenas

The leadership at this training center is suberb. They emphasize character above all. And they make it fun.

Most of all they really care.

Evan G.

Harmony is a clean, professional environment that is helping me reach my goals. I have lost 6 inches from my hips in less than 4 months. The Challenge Classes have helped me to reach strength I never though I could achieve and are transforming my body, and the Krav Classes are instilling confidence. Alex Black is a motivational Trainor, and I sincerely appreciate all that Harmony Martial Art Center is doing for ME!

Amy W.

This is a very professional, clean, positive, and educational studio for kids and adults! They teach your child great qualities we want them to have like respect, kindness, perseverance, etc... The staff is dedicated and genuine. They do this because they love their craft and they like to see kids succeed!

Cathy C.

Great place to learn strength of mind and body. The best instructors and people you'll ever meet!

John C.

Excelente labor por el esfuerzo para ayudar a las demás personas en enseñar sobre las artes marciales y defensa personal formando parte de nuestra disciplina yo también un día forme parte de la escuela .

Antonio C.

My 2 grandsons have attended this remarkable school for the past 4 years. Enrolling them at Harmony was the one of the best decisions I have made. Their confidence and self esteem has increased dramatically and I feel much better knowing that they are learning to defend themselves. Simply the best in town.

Pat B.

LOVE Harmony!!!! From the owner to the instructors, everyone is like family! <3

Cristie M.

I trained at harmony for the better part of 12 years. There were ups and downs in my TKD career, but the whole experience made me a much better person and made me who I am today. Master Campbell instilled high moral characteristics that have stayed with me today and that I use pretty much everyday of my life. The self defense, forms, and all around cool stuff I learn is almost secondary to me with the high character I have developed as a result of harmony's teachings. I would recommend Harmony to anyone looking to better themselves both physically and mentally.

Brandon M.

A staple of the Jupiter community! The employees of Harmony exemplify what it is to be true Martial Artists on a daily basis, through their conduct & commitment to the betterment of their students & society

James C.

The best place to get your training on. Classes are always fun and innovative. 5/5

Hussein H.

I leave with a big smile on my face after every class. All the instructors are very professional and come to help at any time during class. I hope to make this part of my life. I challenge anyone who reads this to come to harmony martial arts and change your life now.

Joseph D.

The only reason I'm giving 5 stars is because it won't let me give more. Great facility and great people.

Mark B.

My children have blossomed at Harmony. I am learning so much and my physical well being is changing daily attending Krav Maga. During my travels I have taken classes elsewhere. There is no place like home, and Harmony feels like home.

Leslie D.

amazing people great work outs and outstanding classes :)

Luciano V.

Great management, great facilities and great programs.

Marcelo G.

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