December 14th is Black Belt Extravaganza!

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December 14th is Black Belt Extravaganza!

 Extraordinarily Exciting!  It’s must see motivation for ALL Harmony Children and Adult Martial Artists!

Bring your entire family to the Harmony Martial Arts Center on December 14th and cheer as 9 outstanding students make their dream of Black Belt a reality.

Featuring a martial arts skit, and a special board breaking demonstration by Master Alex!

 If you or your child have not seen a Black Belt promotion or it’s been a while, seeing a
Black Belt Extravaganza can be one of the more entertaining & inspiring events you will ever witness.

Attention parents: Harmony special events are much more than a fun family activity. They are essential for maintaining your child’s enthusiasm for practice and are part of our comprehensive confidence and character building process. Please make every effort to attend.

Black Belt Candidates:

Probationary Black Belt: Gavin Teel, Zachary Drury, & Gabriel Nunziata
1st Degree Black Belt: Matthew Long, Hunter Kelso, Austin Kelso,
Julian Cunningham
2nd Degree Black Belt: Noah Brown & Ajay Garg

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