Coronavirus Updates

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Coronavirus Updates

Check back here regularly for any updates or schedule changes.

UPDATE 03/20:The Governor has mandated that all non-essential business close immediately in Palm Beach County. Obviously, that includes Harmony.  Online TaeKwonDo and Krav Maga classes will be posted to our YouTube Channel starting next week. Be sure to subscribe now to our YouTube channel so you will be notified as your or your child's classes are posted!

UPDATE 03/18: We are so excited to announce that in addition to in-person classes here at Harmony, we will soon be offering twice weekly online classes for those of you who have understandably decided to practice ‘social distancing’ during this time (and also for our students who just want some extra training at home!). Children AND adult students will get credit towards advancement in rank for completing the online classes, and those in our children’s programs will be able to earn stripes for their belts when they are due while taking the online classes. Again, please be sure to subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL now so you will be notified when we start online classes and, more importantly, each time your next class is posted. We hope to begin offering these online classes late next week, and we’ll be providing you with more information before then.

UPDATE 03/16: In addition to the measures below, as of today students will not be scanning their attendance cards when entering class. Instead, we will be manually entering each student into the system to log individual class attendance.

If you will not be attending class, please visit and subscribe to Harmony's YouTube channel, where you can view videos of all Taekwondo Forms and Self-Defenses, as well as all of the Krav Maga Level 1 curriculum! If you are choosing to stay home, this is a great way to practice - and, if things progress further, we will begin updating the channel frequently with new content so all our students can continue their training online.

03/12: As we are all dealing, learning and evolving with the Coronavirus outbreak, I wanted to assure you that we at Harmony have always taken great pride in our facility’s cleanliness and have stepped up efforts since the onset of the news of the Coronavirus. We are doing everything possible to ensure that Harmony remains a safe, healthy and positive environment.

Steps include:

  • The entire facility, mats, floors and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily with a hospital grade disinfectant (always have been)
  • All door handles, metal surfaces and counter top surfaces are sanitized multiple times daily.
  • We have stopped the tradition of handshakes and high fives during class and at the end of class.
  • We have a Purell hand sanitizer on the wall to the left of the main entrance. We will have all students use it before entering the training floor. We recommend washing hands or using the hand sanitizer again as you leave the facility.

Reminder: Shoes must be worn when entering the school and must remain on until entering the mat. That means shoes on at all times in the lobby.

Obviously if you or your child is not feeling well, you should not train.  Better to err on the side of caution.

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication.

Jim Campbell

Owner / Master Instructor

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