Online Classes AVAILABLE NOW!

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Online Classes AVAILABLE NOW!

We are so excited to announce that we will be providing our members twice weekly online classes.  That classes are twice a week is good, but the great part is you can repeat them multiple times through out the week! They are designed to keep you fit, engaged and moving toward your goals during this temporary challenge. Children AND adult students will get credit towards advancement in rank for completing the online classes, and those in our children’s programs will be able to earn stripes for their belts when they are due while taking the online classes. Again, please be sure to subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL now so you will be notified each time your next class is posted.

Please check the Coronavirus updates blog post on our website daily, as we will be reporting any changes there first. Thank you for your dedication, and for continuing to support your martial art school during these most challenging times.

It is our goal to release your lessons on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:00pm. The reason we decided to use YouTube as opposed to Zoom or another platform was so that you could take the class on your schedule. Once we post a lesson, the class can be taken any time and even repeated. I highly recommend that children have a set times for their twice weekly lesson to build a routine. You can watch on any tablet or device but best if you can play on your smart TV.

Tips on how to use these classes:

1. Login and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Subscribing is the only way you will get a notice each time we post your next lesson.

2. Click 'Playlists' and find your class. Example: Kids TKD beginner, Adult Krav Maga, Kids TKD Advanced, etc.

3. Get in uniform, and clear a space as large as possible to practice. If you are not practicing on carpet, a Yoga mat or something similar would be very helpful for ab work, stretching, and ground work.

4. Click on Lesson #1 for your specific class (Kids beginner / intermediate / Adv / Adult Krav Maga ect) and get started! Once you have completed the lesson, leave a comment below the video with your first name, last initial, your rank (ie: Blue belt, Camo Yellow belt, Krav Level 1, etc.), and telling us you completed the class (you can say "Done!" or "Crushed It!" or something like that - not just "Checking In" or "Hello", since we need it to be clear that you actually took the class!). Important: You must be a subscriber to our channel to leave a comment and get credit toward advancement for completing the class. If your YouTube account has restrictions (like kids only), you may not be able to comment below the video after you or your child has completed the lesson. Options are to use your account (not your child's), or you can email us each time your child has completed a lesson.

5. Use the other videos on our channel for more detailed help if you or your child needs more help with TKD forms, self defense or Krav Maga requirements.

6. There is no reason you cannot repeat the lesson on multiple days!  We all have a lot of time on our hands so why not practice everyday! Parents: Kids' physical activity is very limited right now, I strongly suggest you tell them they have martial art class 4-5 days a week while there is no school, at the same time everyday. It's P.E. class!

7. Make it a family affair.  Parents, tell your child you are starting TaeKwonDo and take the kids beginner class with them. They would LOVE IT! Just be sure they are also completing their required class as well, assuming they are not a beginner. Brothers, sister's and spouses who not in our program can all join the fun!

8. Important: Schedule your or you child/s class for same time everyday!  Children particularity thrive with schedules (we all do better). For example, parents, you can tell your kids, "TaeKwonDo/Krav  starts in a half an hour". This will get them mentally prepared to break away from what ever else they are doing, just as if your were getting in your car and heading to Harmony.

9. These workouts are designed to be practiced alone and without equipment, but if you have someone who can hold target(s) for you and would like to purchase them, they are readily available on Amazon. We'd also recommend ordering from for real quality equipment.

And that's it! Enjoy your classes and get in a good workout 😉.

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