Opening MONDAY, May 18th!

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Opening MONDAY, May 18th!

GREAT NEWS! The governor has given us the green light to resume classes on Monday May 18th. We will be making many changes that are necessary to create as safe of a training environment as possible. It will require all of us to be willing to adapt and adjust for the time being. You should have received an email with schedule changes, important updates, and a form that must be completed and turned in before returning to classes - if you have not received it, please email us at and we will resend it ASAP.

Temporary Changes:

  • Staff will wear face masks
  • Social distancing will be a priority from the moment your child enters the school until they depart
  • Classes will be 45 minutes long and times have changed slightly. These minor changes will allow a smooth transition from class to class while maintaining social distance.
  • Drop your child at the main entrance (east side). Parents should remain in their car. Do not drop off in front of the "NO Stopping Signs" as you exit the parking lot. This is very dangerous to children and blocks traffic flow
  • Please do not arrive for class or drop your child earlier then 5 -10 minutes before their scheduled class time. We will be outside the door to greet children and transition them immediately through the lobby and onto the mat
  • Krav Maga students will need to bring a face mask to put on when social distancing is not possible. For example, while holding targets, holder will wear a mask but the student striking may drop/remove mask while striking. So at least one partner has a mask on at all times (of course you can wear a mask at all times if you wish). Masks will not be required when entering the school or during class when social distancing is possible.
  • Students must arrive in uniform and wearing shoes (sorry no shoes, no class).  The changing rooms will not be available except to use the bathroom.
  • No parents or guests will be permitted in the lobby at this time.  Most evidence suggests that children may be less susceptible to COVID 19.  This temporary step will help ensure we can maintain social distancing and minimize potential exposure. Sorry for this one, but it is necessary and temporary!
  • Pick up: Your child will exit their class by the front door (north side, next to hair salon).  Parents should be parked in the front parking lot, standing outside next to their car so they can quickly wave to their child. Important: Please be respectful to the other tenants in this building and other parents.  Do not block the parking lot. You must pull into a parking space while waiting. Failure to park will mean a staff member will need to leave their responsibilities inside to ask you to park before releasing your child
  • The mat will be marked with X's 6 feet apart so students can  maintain social distance though out.  For the time being there will be no hand-to-hand self defense training or sparring.  No need to send sparring gear for now
  • The new 45 minute class schedule will provide us with the time to sanitize all door handles, equipment and surfaces between each lesson
  • Kick shields and  targets will no longer be shared, they will be used only once and taken out of circulation until sanitized
  • Use provided hand sanitizer as soon as you enter.
  • No scanning attendance cards (we will enter your attendance)

    Thank you all for standing by your martial arts school during this challenging time. I both humbled and eternally grateful for your outpouring of support and  devotion to Harmony! Together, I am confident we will work through this next uncharted stage and move back towards a life of normalcy.

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