Meet Harmony's Newest TaeKwonDo Black Belts

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Meet Harmony's Newest TaeKwonDo Black Belts

    We welcome 10 new Harmony TaeKwonDo Black Belts, 6 new 1st Degree Blacks and a 4th Degree Black belt! Congratulations to all who made their dream of Black belt a reality and a special thank you to all of of the Black belt volunteers who helped make the June 19th Black Belt Extravaganza so special.

Probationary Black Belts awarded to:

Hriday Patel
Mark Kjos
Zackary Veno
Asher Blatt
Sophia Maravilla
Noah Kjos
Gia Sandrini
Ryan Cantrell
Jake Preston
Kiki Shaffner


1st Degree Black Belts awarded to:

Noor Ibrahim
Allison Drew
Noah Brown
Anders Thuver-Joyce
Nicholas Lauer
Ajay Garg


4th Degree Black Belt awarded to:

Jill Fankhauser

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