New Open Mat on Sundays!

Beginning June 26th 
  • Work the New Heavy bag's
  • Meet up w/ a classmate and sharpen your Krav Maga or TaeKwonDo skills
  • Get an Extra Day to train your Jiu-Jitsu
  • Prepare for an upcoming test
  • Or just use the room & equipment to get a great workout. Speed Bag,TRX straps, Medicine balls, Pull up bar, Jump Ropes and more!
Open exclusively to Adults only who are  enrolled in our "Unlimited Membership Plan".
An instructor will be present to answer questions.
Note: Not an unlimited member?  Considering upgrading. Train in as many weekly classes as you like in any or all of the martial art styles we teach. It is our very best value.  If you are on our basic plan of $159.00 per month, go unlimited for just $50.00 additional per month

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