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New Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals Class starts this Saturday October 15th at 10:00am!!!
Class description:
This class will strictly follow Grand Master Helio Gracie's  27 Lesson Fundamentals Plan. All curriculum required to be considered for the Jiu-jitsu Blue Belt is included with in the 27 lessons. There will be no sparring/live grappling in this class.
If you have ever considered adding Jiu-Jitsu to your skill set,  now is the time and this is the class to accomplish it!

If you are not already enrolled in our unlimited weekly class program, this is just one more great reasson to upgrade. Unlimited classes, including Sunday open mat. Just $50.00 additional per month

A white Harmony or valente Jiu-jitsu Gi is required to attend Jiu-jitsu.
Click or cut and paste the link below for a breif video of some of the techniques that will be taught in the fundamentals class.

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