Build a Foundation for your Tiny Tigers to grow and thrive!

As early as 5-6 years old, our students begin their Taekwondo journey with curiosity and high spirits! As this is their first time discovering martial arts, our instructors ensure they experience it in the most enjoyable, entertaining, and educational way possible! Join us and witness your tiny tiger: 

  • Develop basic skills and techniques of Taekwondo/martial arts
  • Practice hand-body coordination, balance, and mental focus 
  • Learn to follow tasks, listen to elders, and meet new people! 

Here at Harmony Martial Arts, the journey goes beyond the classroom. Sign up for your little ones today for a Taekwondo adventure of a lifetime! 

Our Instructors Are Passionate About Your Tiny Tiger's Progress and Journey!

Our instructors have extensively trained and are here to guide your children. We make sure that our programs are tailored for everyone and taught through a personalized approach. It is essential for us to get to know our students so we may guide them on the proper path. With us, your tiny tiger will:

  • Get personalized feedback that targets your young one's needs 
  • Develop a learning curve and keep getting better over time 
  • Feel secure and motivated learning Taekwondo in a safe and positive environment

Sign them up today and witness wonderful changes unfold!